Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Since I still have trouble finding a good site that would finally allow me to upload my shopping vlog from England, I decided that I'll just leave the vlog and show you my buys in a few different posts. So here I'm starting off with shoes and accessoires, enjoy!
 I've been wanting colourful, summery, a little more crazy sandals for a while now, and when I discovered these in Topshop, I grabbed them as fast as I could and now I can't stop staring at them anymore! Plus: I got them for £24 instead of the original price of £40!
 I already have the exact same shoe model in light pink, I ordered them last summer and I still wear them because they're so easy to wear and comfortable! These are from New Look and were only £7!

 I love my new pair of black heels, they're so pretty! They're pretty high, but I hope that I now finally will wear heels a few times when I'm going out. (I'm more the type of girl that doesn't want to be taller/same height than the guys, plus I'm often too jittery to wear heels) These babes are from New Look and they were around £20.

 And these loves were an absolute jackpot! I tried them on in New Look and they're incredibly comfortable, but when I saw the price of £40, I had to swallow but still decided to buy them. But when I was about to pay, I figured that they were on sale and only cost £16, win-win, I'd say!
 I've wanted more classic, brown moccasin-like shoes forever, and when I found these at New Look, for only £20, I bought them right away :-)
 The left bracelet is from Camden Lock and was £6, I like the edgy-but-not-too-tough look of it. The ring is from a shop called Wallis or so and was £4, I needed a golden ring that I could combine with more special golden jewelery and this one is perfect.
 This Mickey Mouse pendant actually hides a clock in itself, it's so cute and I got it from Camden Lock for £6.
 Personally, I don't think that this picture gives the necklace any justice. It has three different chains, in three different lenghts - just the kind of necklace I've been looking for months now! From Wallis, £6.
 A little more experimental bag from New Look, which was only £10. No more words needed, huh?
 This bag is absolutely not a kind of bag that I usually wear when I go to town or hang around with friends, but it's adorable and pretty big for nice beach afternoons! It's from Primark and was incredible £3.
 These sunglasses look a bit like my real, expensive ones, but they're bigger and more dramatic. I got these from Camden Lock and couldn't resist, they were only £5!
 Very simple, but well needed belt with a cute extra from Primark, for £1.
 I'm terribly into this kind of scarves lately! I love wearing them to very simple outfits, it always gives them an extra touch, a little classy but colourful and fun at the same time. New Look, around £6/7.
 One of my absolute favourite buys is this scarf! I found it in Camden Lock, where it was hidden under another hundreds of beautiful scarves and it was £5, love it!
 Very nice smelling shampoo from Boots, for £5,50, plus the tube is so adorable!
 There was this deal at Boots that, if you buy any Mascara from FALSIFEYE, you'd get a gel eyeliner for free, so both together were £7.


  1. Adorable heels!

  2. ballerinas and the bottle of the shampoo are the best! =)
    and the first sandals I love them and I said it;)=)

  3. love the sandals, bag, ring and belt (:

  4. omg wow! i love all of them, so jealous haha :D i especially like the black shoes you got in new look for 16 pounds and the moccasins!! been looking for something like those for ages since i really need cute shoes like that for the autumn/spring :)

  5. i love your black heels, necklaces and ring! (:
    kisses xx

  6. Lovely items!


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