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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

So yesterday I spent the day with my beloved granny. We went to town to have breakfast at 9 and then she insisted on going through some shops with me, to find thicker things for autumn. (okay, clearly not everything is.. thick here) So I ended up getting these five lovely items. Later we went home to have lunch and in the afternoon we went to the cinema to watch Bridesmaids. And, what to say about that movie? Well it definitely was funny, somehow. But it was very.. american. It was often too much, and my granny and I both left the room at the end of the movie laughing, but still being a little shocked, haha!

[Everything's from H&M Divided]


  1. love ur new items!

  2. Nice buys :-)
    I love the sheerness and simplicity of the first tee!



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