Let them eat cake!

Sunday, 7 August 2011

 my dad wearing keds-alike shoes to go cycling - I found this so cool, had to take a picture :b
 t-shirt: h&m divided, shorts: topshop, hoodie: hollister

Today's all about staying at home, cleaning my room a bit, watching Marie Antoinette, which I've wanted to watch for ages now!, and prepare lots and lots of posts for the next few days. (I already made one for tomorrow, and after-tomorrow).
Tomorrow I'm going to my grandma's place with my brother, where I'll probably spend my whole morning watching How I met your Mother and Scrubs, then we'll have lunch there and later I'll be off to town to finally meet up with Sarah again who I haven't seen for weeks! We'll probably just sit around in the coffee lounge and walk around town the whole afternoon, exchanging gossip and news and being nervous about the new school year. (yes, it's been like that for three years now, it's always us two who can't wait for school to start again, weird, huh?). I'm wishing you  nice sunday♥


  1. =) my smile is enormous now!
    I thought that I'm only person who can't wait for September, when school and all stuffs like that starting!
    you're good GOOD girls;)=)=D


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