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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

finally managed to borrow some books for the holidays - feels like I haven't read any books in years

 I've been trying to figure out if I already have told you this or not for days now, but I think I haven't. Well what I am talking about is me going to Belgium on friday for two weeks. I'm actually pretty much looking forward to this because I'll probably finally get the chance to go to the beach for the first time this summer - ahh awesome much? - plus this holiday is gonna be supadupa chill because we've already been to Westende a billion times and we'll take our bikes with us, which means: looots of exercise! No, I'm not starting to think that I'm fat or anything, but besides those few lessons of gym we have during schooltime, the only sport I currently do is cycling once a week if I can get my lazy ass up. 
Victoria's coming with us from friday to monday and since on the weekend it should be around 25°C every day, I really hope that we'll hit the beach and work on our tans. I've currently tried on all my bikinis that I own in every even possible combination to figure out which pieces to take with me, ohh dear why can I only wear one top and one bottom at a time? Typical summer problems, amazing, haha!
I'm just gonna stop typing random crap here and leave you with a "Have a nice wednesday", because I will and I am already sitting in the bus to meet friends when you're reading this. See you later ! xo

PS: thanks for all the sweeet comments on the last few posts and yes, I am going to show you a picture of me wearing my DIY-top as soon as I'll wear it!

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