First London Trip

Thursday, 4 August 2011

We went to the Ripley's Museum, it was so cool! This car was covered with swarovski stones!
sitting on the biggest chair in the world
the dinosaur was actually moving and making noises, it was so scary, hehe!
this picture was made out of bubblegum
the man with the longest nose
the fattest woman ever alive
the tallest man ever alive!
the mirror maze!
indian lunch, it was soooo good!
the hummingbird bakery
 in the taxi, with all our shopping bags (we both bought a hoodie for our little brothers)
our dinner in the train on the way back to Cambridge
especially the chocolate topped one was sooo good
the sunset when we came home - the picture's absolutely unedited

We went to London twice, the first time we went to the Ripley's Museum and to the Oxford Street. We bought delicious cupcakes and cheap, tasty sushi, yum! The other London post will be up later.


  1. Adorable pictures!

  2. Oh, I've been to the Ripley's museum - I thought it was awesomeee! We didn't do the maze though, I was scared ahaha.. #($&*@#($@ cupcaaaakes. You're making me jealous, Nora!

  3. nice photos! I love your legs in knitted tights;)=)
    and I can't wait for being in London, and it will be soooo soooon haah =)!!!


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