Back it up and do it again

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Here are some pictures of Cambridge and our first days:
 St John's College
there were bicycles eeeverywhere - loved it!
our first snack at Starbucks! seriously craving thisss
no comments needed, huh?
♥ (hahahahaha at my legs, stupid uploader)
most of their buses had two floors, so cool:D!
first shopping trip!
wearing my new ring (not the cross ring, hehe)

I had a great time last night and tomorrow I'm going out with Lisa and later will sleepover at her place! I'll prepare some posts for you, though :) xo


  1. Máš nádherné nohy! a ty prstýnky na poslední fotce jsou krásné :))

  2. I love England, Starbucks and shopping facilities in the UK! best! =)
    and I craving your swallows scarf =)


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