Arriving in Cambridge

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

 that got taken while the taxi was driving, hehe

 on the train from London to Cambridge
I loved their bustop-houses-seats-thingies, heheh!

 that's what the area looked like where we lived

walking around to get to see a little more of our environment

Hey guys, I'm back! I had an absolutely amazing time in England, spent lots of money on clothes (and shoes, and bags, and jewellery, and.. yeah, you get the idea), met great people, had lots of fun and I was so sad when we had to leave again! I took lots of pictures, so I'll make a few different posts, like one or two showing my London trips, a few showing random pictures, etc. So here I'm starting off with the first pictures taken on our journey, in the plane and in Chesterton, where we lived for two weeks.

Since I'm going to a friend's house tomorrow, I'll prepare one or two posts already, I really wanna post a lot right now, otherwise I'll take new pictures everyday but I can't post everything in time! Until then, good evening/night xo

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