Last England Buys

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Here's the last few things that I bought in England, I couldn't take pictures of because they were in the washing machine.
 Dotted top with a lace-detailed-back, so so so cute!, from Camden Lock, £8 or so
 Turquoise shirt from Primark, £8
 White, a little transparent shirt from Primark, £8
  Yellow top from Newlook, £18 (I think?)

Today's Outfit

white top: newlook, jeggings: dr denim, flats: newlook, bag:h&m, cardigan: zara, scarf: newlook

Hey everyone! Yes, today I'm showing you an outfit where I'm wearing my glasses. I have an appointment at the eye doctor's tomorrow, so I'm not allowed to wear my lenses the day before. Today I met up with Lisa in the afternoon and we did nothing worth taking pictures of, because we literally walked around, had a drink or two and caught up on the gossip, haha! Tomorrow I'm gonna see her again and we'll go to the cinema with Jil :) As you can see, my life right now is all about being with friends and enjoying my last days of the holidays - school starts in exactly one week for me! Anyways, you'll here more from me later!

Belgium - 3

Monday, 29 August 2011

 The ice cream in Newport really is the best ever! And it's soo pretty hehe
 The sunset in Newport
 Victoria and my brother - cute much?
 Victoria and me :)

 On monday the weather was finally good enough to go to the beach, win!

 Some of you wanted to see what my DIY cropped shirt looks like when it's worn, so here's a picture! Even though I don't think it gives it any justice, I'll try to make a better pic the next time that I'm wearing it.
Random outfit I wore during that holiday; shorts: zara girls pullover: topshop

Morning, ehh, good afternoon sweets! Today I did nothing but slept in, downloaded a loot of music and had lunch, so I thought I'll post some pictures from Belgium :) I'm currently uploading the rest of the pics from Belgium, so that I can make posts with them whenever I feel like it and now I'm going to take a shower and get ready to go to Echternach with Kathlyn! See you xo

Belgium - 2

Victoria, my brother and me making lots of funny faces in a restaurant while waiting for our food, haha!

EDIT: I just realised that blogger didn't post the pictures in this post, wtf?? arghh

Neon Pink

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Currently wearing: pink shirt from Primark, jeggings from Dr Denim and cardigan from H&M

Hey guys! Quick post before I have to get ready to have dinner with my family. After I'll come back from the dinner, I'm going to Kathlyn's place, (she lives three houses away from me) where we'll watch some movies, because we want to go to some kind of "Tunneldisco" in our town. The entry costs though, so we're only going to have a look at it around 1AM when the entry's free, haha! Afterwards I'll sleep over at her place, so I'm gonna prepare a post for tomorrow :) See you around! xo

Belgium - 1

I took over 150 photos, but since I just took some whenever I felt like it, I'm just going to randomly throw in a photobomb with pictures from Belgium here and there. Enjoy!
 On our first weekend, Victoria stayed with us, this is us sitting in some random small town, where we had a lunch-break

 On the beach in Newport
 When I first saw a woman drinking out of this bottle, I thought he was drinking pure Vodka! hahaha

 The beach & sky at night

 Since the weather wasn't really good on Saturday, we did a lot of cycling - 26km in one day!
 On Sunday we really really wanted to go to the beach.. but it was freeeezing
Filet Américain - mmhhhh

Nora's back in da hood!

Friday, 26 August 2011

Yesss, I'm back in Luxembourg! I finished editing the tons of pictures I took while I was in Belgium and now I have to upload them all, which'll take aaages. But luckily, (*cough*) I forgot to post these pictures of some smaller things I bought in England. So I'll just post them now and I'll start with the pics from Belgium ASAP! [and btw, there's still a few shirts that I also bought over there but didn't have the time to show yet, so there'll be another post with pics of these!]
From left to right: black opaque tights from primark, dotted tights from primark, tights with little hearts on them from new look, grey opaque tights from primark, transparent tights from primark. They were all £2-£3.
Bandeaus both from Primark, £3 each.

Song(s) of the Week

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

very random picture of my feet - but I love the nailpolish colour! hehe

Here are some of my actual favourite tunes, especially for when it's hot and sunny, enjoy!

Paper Bag - Fiona Apple

Love you like a love song - Selena Gomez

High - Big Sean feat. Wiz Khalifa and Chiddy Bang

Hush Hush - Alexis Joran

Dresses & Jumpsuits

Sunday, 21 August 2011

 Absolutely gorgeous dress with amazing back from Topshop, was around £40
 One shoulder dress (lighter blue IRL) (don't ask me when I'm going to wear this, Jil convinced me to buy it!) from Topshop, for £7!
Black jumpsuit from Primark, £10