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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Random pictures from last week

 So this'll be my last update before I'm leaving for England tomorrow! I am practically done with packing, which feels really good, since it definitely isn't something that I enjoy doing, hehe. Jil and I are catching our flight around 3PM tomorrow and then we're off to Cambridge for two weeks, gonna be awesome! We'll have four lessons of 40minutes each day, either in the morning or the afternoon and we'll live with a little older woman. If possible, we'll also spend a weekend in London and I'm really really hoping that we'll get some free time to do some serious shopping! (and thank you so much for all the tips, I really appreciate that!:)) Jil is taking her laptop with her, and since we should have internet in school, I'll try to sometimes update, but I really am not promising anything!

I'm now gonna google the distance between Starbucks and our school (hehehehehehehehehehe), eat candy and watch some PLL! Talk to you later, hopefully! xo 


  1. oh! your "study holiday" in Cambrigde seems really awesome!!!

  2. That's veeery cool! We are hoping for England's news!


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