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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Okay so it's sunday, I'm bored and I already miss blogging, hehe!

I can't wait to finally drink Starbucks again, aaaah!

Some of you might remember me talking about going to England with a friend during the summer holidays and well, I'll be at the airport in exactly one week! Jil and I are going to live in a family and go to school 4 hours a day, either in the morning or afternoon. We'll live in Cambridge but probably go to London for a weekend. Now the big question is: what are your shopping-, but also restaurant-, etc suggestions? I'm already google-ing around but I'd love to hear some advice from you! For example if you know where we can find awesome Secondhand shops? Well whatever you know, please leave a comment on this post or here, I'd really appreciate that! :) xo


  1. ooooh London, I love this city - the best in the world! (probably with NYC)
    and whatabout tips - Primark - Oxford Street it's an adventurous exprecience =D
    and then I LOVE Covent Garden and the area around... for example there is amazing Urban Outfiters and so much small café and souvenir shops - lovely =)
    and certainly do not forger to go to the Miss Selfridges;)
    but what about secondhands tips I unfortunaley know nothing about, but if you explore somenthing, you will share with me =);) please =)

  2. You should go to Topshop - they're everywhere- or the less expensive version, Primark ! Restaurants or second hand shops, I have no idea..:)

  3. shopping in london is amazing. the best place is obviously Oxford Street. Primark is really good because it's extremely cheap and has nice stuff. Quality is dodgy. hmm.. New Look is nice as well. The shoes there are really good. There's also a really big mall called Westfields. You should try it :) it's a lot less hectic than oxford street but has many of the same stores

  4. @anon: thanks for the tips!:)


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