Thursday, 23 June 2011

 laugh attack, hehe

Yesterday after my german compo, I went to town with a couple of friends to have lunch at the Coffee Lounge. We had delicious bagels (I had one with cream cheese and salmon!:D) and homemade ice tea, mmmh! While sitting on the terrasse under some kind of umbrella thingie, it started raining reaally badly, and when we were done, Victoria and I ran to H&M, where I bought something utterly cute! (pictures later), then Victoria and I went back to school to pick up Kathlyn and spent some time in Auchan (and some money at Mango, heheh) and took the bus home.
I have at least two posts planned, but I don't think I'll post them before tonight, because I really need to try focusing on studying one last time for this schoolyear, I have my history exam tomorrow. (and it's soo much to study, ugh). TTYL! xo

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