Monday, 27 June 2011

cropped top - new look, short - mango, belt - h&m

It was so incredibly hot today (around 30°C!) that I only thre over my new shorts and a cropped top - and I still nearly died of the heat, that's so unusual for Luxembourg, ouf. I went to town with my brother to have lunch with my mum and later we went through some shops (I'm working on convincing my parents to get me a macbook for christmas, hehehee) and later in the evening to a meeting concerning Jil and my "holiday" in England. I'm now home and starving, so I'll make myself pizza and finish organizing a small bbq at a friend's house tomorrow, have a nice evening! xo


  1. your blue shorts are nice but i would have worn them with a brigter top x

  2. this striped cropped top is what I definitely must have!!!

  3. I love this outfit, so simply but chic. Stripes are always a winner!


  4. love the top! yesss get a macbook they're amazing! haha


  5. Where you at some ef meeting?if yes, where are you going?
    Btw. Lovely outfit:)

  6. @anon: yes, i'm going to Cambridge :)
    and thank you!


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