the pressure grows

Friday, 10 June 2011

I'm sorry for only posting pictures of my outfits this week, but there really is nothing more interesting to take pictures of at the moment!
Soo, it's finally friday but I can't be as happy as usually, because this won't be a fun weekend.. Because monday'll be a holiday, I'll have a three day long weekend, but I need to focus as much as possible on studying, meh:( I'm in fifth year secondary (10th grade) and I have nine exams this schoolyear, starting on thursday. The annoying thing is, that, eventhough I didn't choose it for next year, I still will have to take an exam in chemistry and maths6 (it's like the "harder" class), plus I'm desperate for biology, ugh. We got to choose our subjects for our last two years of school, and I really want to get all this crap behind me, I'm even a little scared of failing, eventhough that most probably won't happen. So now I need to pull myself together one last time for these exams, until I can finally relax! I hope everything's going good, because if it does, I'll only have six exams next year: german, french, english, spanish, philosophy and maths (3, so the easy class!), which is gonna be pure awesomeness!
Wooh, sorry for this long text about my exams, but just felt like telling you a bit more about them. Anyways, have a nice friday evening! xo


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