Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Just casually sitting in the kitchen, making rice pudding

 I was wondering: is it just me or do acer computers suck? Because we now have our second acer laptop, and we only got problems with it. After even just a few months after it got a new hard disc, etc, it's already starting to be increeedibly slow and says that all the memory of the hard disc is used, even if there barely are a few GBs used.. I think I'm gonna google some reviews on the brand.. Have any of you made (bad) experiences with that brand?


  1. It's strange - your problems with acer.... I have acer notebook too I've got it 10 months ago and I have had no problem yet.

  2. No, not really, my parents had theirs for 6 years or so and now my grandpa has it :)

  3. I love the pictureeee!
    Don't know anything about acer, i use mac :b

  4. my friend did like the screen or keyboard or the computer ( cant remember) just broke suddenly.

  5. i had 2 acers, and honestly they are crap, so now i got a mac, waaay better! and my friend who had an acer had bad experiences with it too, so i guess it's not just your's ;)


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