let down your hair

Monday, 13 June 2011

top - new look, cardigan and jeans - zara, shoes - cheap chinese shop, bag - topshop, necklace - claire's, bracelets - random shop in Cologne

 Woooooooho, I'm nearly done with my maths summary! Haha okay, this was random. Only a short, short update, this is what I wore yesterday. Victoria and I spontaneously went to the cinema to watch Hangover 2 and I looved it, so funny! I'm now off again, I'll grab something to eat at the small village festival over here with Victoria, later maybe carry on studying and then we might as well watch Scream III, haha! Have a nice monday, xo


  1. Hvor er du fin :-)


    xoxo sofie

  2. love this its so romantic xx


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