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Thursday, 2 June 2011

all pictures from my tumblr.

Wow, it's already past 7PM here and I feel like I haven't really done anything today - oops! All I did was studying a bit of biology, (it's really starting to make me sick, it's so much and, in my opinion, some things really are so unnecessary for people [like me], who don't want to study medecine or something similar..) doing my french homework, watching tv and lying in the sun, reading a teen vogue. See, nothing super interesting, nor productive. I'm not sure about my plans for my last days of the holidays (where the hell did half of the week go?), but it for sure must include some more studying - oh dear, how much I hate exam periods. At least I can look forward to the new episode of GNTM tonight! I'm off now, I'll maybe try to look over history a bit watch an episode of skins now and try to find something sweet in this house. I prepared another post for today, though! à la prochaine!


  1. love J. Depp!!


  2. I don't like biology too;) lovely blog! fallow you!

  3. I hate exams periods, too



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