Come, little bad girl

Thursday, 23 June 2011

 pullover(worn as a dress) - my mum's, scarf and tights - h&m, rings - asos, leather jacket - zara
As some of you maybe know, today is a holiday in Luxembourg, because it was the Duke's birthday last night and everyone (and I mean everyone, there's no age limit) goes to town and parties! I also went out with a couple of friends yesterday, we had dinner at Chi-Chi's and later danced our feet off on the streets, I had lots of fun! Above you can see what I wore last night. (Yes, I can wear my mum's pullover as dress, hehe)
So, as I already wrote, I have my history exam tomorrow, but I've practically studied nothing, and now I feel really guilty sitting here and downloading music, hehe. Oh whatever, I'M ON SUMMER HOLIDAYS SOON!!!!!


  1. Good luck for your history exam <3

  2. yees! holidays will be soo soon! =)
    and don't worry about your history, you're smart;) right?
    your Luxembourg holiday sounds goog, it's nice, that you all celebrate your Duke's birthday =)
    and I love this tights, you look amazing♥

  3. I love your outfit. Clever wearing your mum's top as a dress! I'm too tall to do that :(



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