Thursday, 16 June 2011

that's what my desk looked like when I started studying..
 ...and when I was done. See the difference?
So, I have my first two exams behind me, french and biology! French was a little weird, just as always, and biology was definitely better than I expected it to be :) I've been studying physics the whole afternoon now, and I thought that that compo was going to be soo easy, but when I did an old compo our teacher gave us, I realised how much crap we actually have to know, haha. I also have english tomorrow, but that's not a problem, it's the easiest compo of them all, so..! I'm having a headache now and I'm beginning to get tired, I guess I'll go to bed soon tonight.. oh wait, I gotta watch the new PLL episode! Haha, have a nice evening, xo


  1. I hate physics! ;/ Mmm, candy- yummy! ;D

  2. haha loving the furby on the desk


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