Tuesday, 21 June 2011

what I wore today
look at those circles under my eyes! I really need more sleep..
 I honestly don't know how I'd survive my exam week without red bull, haha!

First of all: a miiiillion apologies for being such a horrible blogger! My excuse is (as always), that I spent most of my time studying those last few days, but the worst part of my exams (okay, also the biggest, I have two exams left out of nine, haha) is now over! Yesterday I had my chemistry and geography exam and today maths (HAHAHA is all I can say). I make a thousands pinky promises, that I'll blog regularly and about more interesting things as soon as I'm on summer holidays, which is ON FRIDAY! But now, I'm going to take a nap (♥) and later carry on with all those fantastic (I really hope you read the sarcasm here) parables from Franz Kafka. OKAY OMG KILL ME NOW. Have a better tuesday afternoon/evening than me! xo


  1. franz kafka? oh yes, he was a little crazy fool =) but he was living in here, in Prague - Czech Republic;)=)

  2. haha good luck on your last exams :)


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