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Thursday, 30 June 2011

A lot of different random pictures from my tumblr (and yes, I'm a bit crazy about GIFs lately, tehe).
Today Victoria and I are going to go food and drink-shopping, since we're having a BBQ with around 30 people on saturday, can't wait! And in the evening my mum and I are maybe going to eat sushi, omnom! (maybe my plans have changed when this is getting posted, because I prepared this post already yesterday) TTYL xo

(eeeek why didn't blogger post this?)


Wednesday, 29 June 2011

 I did ballet for a year when I was about 8 and a few days ago my mum found my old ballet shoes, so cute!
 picture from monday - a woman spontaneously lying on some grass in the middle of our gare, haha!
 I thought the sky looked funny there :)
 Victoria and me waiting for the bus
 coffee and coke break with my brother and mum on monday
 view from one of Victoria's windows
 I think I wore this for my last compo, last friday
sitting on the window sill with the laptop, so nice!

Some random pictures I took the last few days.


So yesterday Kathlyn and I went to a friend's place to have a small BBQ. The weather was awfully hot (around 33°C), so we played around with the housepipe and ended up being soaked wet, hahaha (plus: we were only two girls against five guys at the end, so it's kinda obvious who were the helpless victims, hehe)! But now my head and ears hurt and I'm feeling sick, so that's not so funny :( I still had an amazing time with those people!
I'm now lying in my bed, waiting for the new episode of PLL to load and taking medecine, ew :b
I hope you're having a more entertaining wednesday! xo


Monday, 27 June 2011

cropped top - new look, short - mango, belt - h&m

It was so incredibly hot today (around 30°C!) that I only thre over my new shorts and a cropped top - and I still nearly died of the heat, that's so unusual for Luxembourg, ouf. I went to town with my brother to have lunch with my mum and later we went through some shops (I'm working on convincing my parents to get me a macbook for christmas, hehehee) and later in the evening to a meeting concerning Jil and my "holiday" in England. I'm now home and starving, so I'll make myself pizza and finish organizing a small bbq at a friend's house tomorrow, have a nice evening! xo


Sunday, 26 June 2011

Since I've been seeing a lot of pictures spread all over tumblr of girls wearing shorts, sneakers and socks, and I really like the way it looks, I thought I might try that out too! I really like both versions, but I think I sligthly prefer the black socks. What do you think Go-Go, No-Go? And what vesion do you prefer?

why is everything with you so complicated?

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Quick hello! I went to the hairdresser this afternoon, to get my ends cut and urgh. I feel like my hair's soo much shorter now :( And I know that it looks a bit silly right now, because my ends are all the same length, but that's good, because I want to let my hair grow to one length! It looks stupid now, but it'll look better in one or two weeks. (Plus: I hate the way they dry my hair, they always make it really straight (which is okay), but also extremely flat, meh! But as soon as I'll wash my hair at home again, it'll look better)

Last Night ♥

Lisa, Chris (his face expression, he looks so happy! hahaha), me and Laura
Bruno, me and Leon
Victoria, Lisa, me and Bruno (making weird faces hehe)
Jil, Leon, me and Alisa
Such a horrbile but still incredibly cute picture! Lisa, Marta and me
and Jil and me!

Ohh I seriously had the best night ever! I had soo much fun, spent the whole evening with lovely people, taking pictures, drinking, laughing, talking and dancing our feet off. I can't wait to repeat this.♥♥♥


Friday, 24 June 2011

 I love the combination of my new bottom with the red top! (H&M)
 from Mango, they're sooo short but I love them!

Just a quick, quick post about my newest boughts. I bought the last two tops today, I just couldn't resist!
I'm now off to Echternach with Kathlyn, to find some transparent tights for tonight, see ya!

PS: 11 WEEKS. 11 WEEKS! 11 WEEKS !!!!! Be jealous.

Come, little bad girl

Thursday, 23 June 2011

 pullover(worn as a dress) - my mum's, scarf and tights - h&m, rings - asos, leather jacket - zara
As some of you maybe know, today is a holiday in Luxembourg, because it was the Duke's birthday last night and everyone (and I mean everyone, there's no age limit) goes to town and parties! I also went out with a couple of friends yesterday, we had dinner at Chi-Chi's and later danced our feet off on the streets, I had lots of fun! Above you can see what I wore last night. (Yes, I can wear my mum's pullover as dress, hehe)
So, as I already wrote, I have my history exam tomorrow, but I've practically studied nothing, and now I feel really guilty sitting here and downloading music, hehe. Oh whatever, I'M ON SUMMER HOLIDAYS SOON!!!!!


 laugh attack, hehe

Yesterday after my german compo, I went to town with a couple of friends to have lunch at the Coffee Lounge. We had delicious bagels (I had one with cream cheese and salmon!:D) and homemade ice tea, mmmh! While sitting on the terrasse under some kind of umbrella thingie, it started raining reaally badly, and when we were done, Victoria and I ran to H&M, where I bought something utterly cute! (pictures later), then Victoria and I went back to school to pick up Kathlyn and spent some time in Auchan (and some money at Mango, heheh) and took the bus home.
I have at least two posts planned, but I don't think I'll post them before tonight, because I really need to try focusing on studying one last time for this schoolyear, I have my history exam tomorrow. (and it's soo much to study, ugh). TTYL! xo


Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Is it just me or is blogger not allowing you to upload pictures either? Help?


Tuesday, 21 June 2011

what I wore today
look at those circles under my eyes! I really need more sleep..
 I honestly don't know how I'd survive my exam week without red bull, haha!

First of all: a miiiillion apologies for being such a horrible blogger! My excuse is (as always), that I spent most of my time studying those last few days, but the worst part of my exams (okay, also the biggest, I have two exams left out of nine, haha) is now over! Yesterday I had my chemistry and geography exam and today maths (HAHAHA is all I can say). I make a thousands pinky promises, that I'll blog regularly and about more interesting things as soon as I'm on summer holidays, which is ON FRIDAY! But now, I'm going to take a nap (♥) and later carry on with all those fantastic (I really hope you read the sarcasm here) parables from Franz Kafka. OKAY OMG KILL ME NOW. Have a better tuesday afternoon/evening than me! xo