Sunday, 15 May 2011

The third day, we rented a car and drove to other towns, visited ruins, etc!

Damn, I was so pale!

The people used the hill to put tombs in it.
There were dogs eeverywhere, so cute!

Can you find my brother and me?:D
We had a very traditional lunch in a small, small restaurant, it was soo tasty, especially the rice!

And there were also lots of cats. Too bad we couldn't touch them..
An old sailor took us with him on his boat, this definitely was my favourite part of the excursion!

Above you see a small island you could only access via boat.

Our men ;-)

The sea was so clear in Turkey! You could practically see every single stone laying on the ground.

 We stopped at a small island

The landscapes in Turkey really are amazing!

The sailor let us drive the boat for a while, it was so cool :D


  1. lovely post! beautiful pictures.

  2. lovely post! beautiful pictures.

  3. woooonderful! :) and best photos to represent turkey ;)

  4. Awesome post!


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