Thursday, 12 May 2011

Hey guys! Since my dad still has my camera and I will only have it back tomorrow, I made a mini vlog showing my outfit! It's pretty simple, but I like the detail thanks to those cute socks I got yesterday :)
My day was okay, the maths test was weird, but that's nothing new. Also, I got an 8.6 in my geography test, which surprised me so much, but I was soo happy! I usually am around 6.5 in geography, so this definitely was a nice surprise. I'm gonna go shower now, have dinner, watch GNTM, paint my nails,.. the usual stuff, you know ;)

Oh and I'm planning on going to check if they maybe sell light jeggings in Luxembourg - wish me luck! I'm off, see ya, xo


  1. Love the socks, so cute.


  2. I love your hair! What is your height? :) Your blog is so lovely :)

  3. @anon: thank you!:) i'm something inbetween 165 and 167cm, i think! thankss again xo


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