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Monday, 9 May 2011

 What I wore this afternoon

Love this picture, somehow, hehe.
 Doing homework in the Hammock
Skipped the banana and only mixed frozen raspberries and milk! I felt more like eating ice cream but it was soo tasty!

A few random shots from this afternoon. I actually wanted to do more maths but seriously couldn't be bothered to do it, so I just skipped that part and spent my time with history, tv and tidying (well.. I started tidying, I should maybe consider carrying on, my room looks horrible, haha). I'm now gonna download some more music and then watch Skins - I've only watched two episodes of the third season but already love it! It's much more modern than than the first two seasons :D Have a nice evening! xo

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  1. perfect outfit! simple, but i like it


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