Monday, 30 May 2011

bought it off Jenny - for 5€
H&M - 20€ (it's more bubblegum-pink than it looks like here)
also bought these off Jenny - 4€
Jil decided to look at the children's departement in ZARA and I found these loovely shorts, which actually fit me, hehe! I saved like 10€ because the kids stuff is much less expensive. Gonna take off that bow thingie, though - 17€
finally bought the perfume I discovered some time ago, it smells soo nice and was only 10€! (!!)
transparent tights from H&M - 5€, cheap chewing gum - 1€ and silver nailpolish - 1,50€, both from HEMA

So here's what  bought, I'm so happy to finally have bought colourful clothes!


  1. love the skirt and floral shorts

  2. I like skirts in first picture.
    Lovely stuffs :)

  3. Looks like a great haul. I love shopping in the kids section, it's a great way to find much cheaper clothes that are often just as stylish, hehe.



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