Saturday, 14 May 2011

 From H&M, 4€. I'm only sure about one perfume, though, I don't know if I like the other ones, hmm..
 From Six, 10€. I definitely need more colourful scarves!
 From HEMA, both 3€ each. I've been looking for a baby blue nailpolish for aages and finally found one, love the colour!
 All from HEMA. Notebook - 2€. I'm gonna use it as agenda for next schoolyear. I just had to buy it, I mean, look at the colour! And chewing gum, for only 1€ per pack.
From H&M, 5€. This bag is perfect for summer, especially when I go swimming, that way, it can't get wet, and if it does, it dries within minutes! And the flashy colour - SCORE!

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  1. I love the colour of that nail polish, it's so pretty. And that bag is great!



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