Monday, 30 May 2011

Blogger somehow messed up the order of the pics..

I'm finally back home and I had a such a nice day! I met up with Jil at half past 12, then we had delicious lunch and went through shops. And eventhough I really didn't want to buy anything, I spent nearly 50€, oops! But I really don't regret a thing I bought, gonna show you pictures of my buys later. The rest of the afternoon we spent in the parc, lying around and trying to do die because of the heat, it was nearly 30°! I'm now gonna do my english essay and tidy my room, see you xo


  1. i remember I had a pink wired bag just like yours when i was 6-7 and i used it to keep toys and stuff... it's so awkward to see you carrying it around like that x)

  2. ahhh looks like fun :)
    you both are pretty!

  3. i like your pictures :) you are pretty <3


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