light pink

Friday, 27 May 2011

This is what I wore today - I'm off to town, have a nice friday night, I sure will! xo

EDIT: I got a request on writing down where my clothes are from, so: jeans & black top - zara, transparent shirt - new look, bag & cardigan - h&m, shoes - chinese shop.


  1. vildt fed skjorte! hvor er den fra?

  2. Could you please post the shops where you've got your clothes?
    And then I mean to post it at EVERY outfitpost! Cause I'm in love with your outfits!!

  3. are those pants from Pull and Bear? because I have a pair of those and yours looks just even :D

  4. hvor er den fede skjorte fra???

  5. Love the pale jeans, they're so pretty.



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