I set fire to the rain

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Hello, dear readers! I'm in a really good mood - my day was over all pretty cool, I had mostly chilled lessons and a nice lunch time. Right now I can relax a little for a week or two, because I'm nearly done with my tests for this schoolyear (YES!), only physics test on monday left, and my exams are only starting mid june, so I don't really need to study right now, finally some free time again! I've already made plans for the next weekend and the friday after, and then it's finally holidays again, so nice! I'm now gonna pack some things and then my mum, brother and I are off to the restaurant. My dad's not at home due work and we like to use that as an excuse to have dinner at a restaurant, hehehe. Have a nice evening! xo


  1. Nice outfit! I love the bag!


  2. amazing outfit!
    i love your style and your blog! :)


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