Freaky Friday

Saturday, 28 May 2011

 We had deliiiiiicious lunch @Pizza Hut

 Victoria & me getting ready for our night out!
 My shoes♥
My make-up.

Hello world! I had a nice friday afternoon, with delicious lunch, some nice girl-time and a short nap, heheh. In the evening we ate at McDonalds and then went to a small bar where we met tons of people. My night out was a little different from the last ones, but really nice! I'm preparing more posts for today - I now am gonna hit the shower, oh, no.. the shower's broken, so the bath tub, yaay. And then tidy my room, see you around! xo


  1. DELICIOUSE! Lovely shoes girls! :)

  2. love your night out outfit! :)

  3. I like your shoes.


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