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Friday, 20 May 2011

 shorts - DIY, flats - chinese shop, white top - new look, cardigan - zara, scarf - six
 I lovelove the combination of my new nailpolish and cute scarf!

Hey! I just arrived at home and I had a really nice day. After school, we went to get food and drinks and then met up with the rest of our friends at the big grassland behind Coque. We basically ate, talked, laughed, danced, went to the playground.. but then it started to rain and we rushed, packing the rest of the food away, running to the Coque - it was so funny, just like in those typical movies! We spent some time in the Coque and afterwards took our busses home. Right now, I'm really hungry and I'm going to have a very nice, calm friday night in, with cheap chinese noodles, red bull, skins and maybe some physics. I prepared other posts for tonight, so I'll TTYL! xo

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  1. Awesome scarf.


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