can't you hear my heart going boom boom?

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Today's Outfit: shorts - diy, black shirt - mum's, shoes - unknown, blazer - h&m divided
Victoria and I finally got out C-Permission, so we bought lunch @Auchan and well.. we bought kind of a lot, hehe:D Ah, and I smile a little weird because I had food in my mouth :b

Just a quick update from me - I had an okay, but long history test and a good french minitest yesterday, I got back a really fucked up chemistry test and Zora and I succeded when we did our physics experiment, haha!
I'm gonna start doing some geography now, so I won't need to do it all tomorrow afternoon. I wish you a nice evening! xo


  1. i love the blazer
    perfect outfit


  2. I love your blazer. This is a lovely outfit, and I'm glad to hear your testing is going ok!



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