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Sunday, 15 May 2011

That's what I run around like half the day on weekends, then I get cold and need to change outfit, haha

eeew german!
My brother and me before we went cycling. I fear the day he'll be taller than me, hahah!

Some really random snapshots from today. I haven't done anything spectacular today and I've got the feeling that that won't change. I basically caught up a bit with reading all those blogs I've missed due the lack of time, tried to study german, but it's so bloody boring that I'm considering doing some freestyle interpreting tomorrow, I went for some cycling and tidied my room and yes.. that's it, kind of my sunday routine! I'm on holidays in two weeks, which I'm really looking forward to, even though I'll most probably already start studying for my exams in the middle of june, eek. I have exactky 13 days of school and 6 days of exams left this schoolyear, which is c r a z y ! This year passed by so incredibly fast and I kept complaining the whole year that I finally want awful 5th (10th) year to be over, but I just now realise how soon I will be in 6th year! Kind of scary, hmm.
However, enough of all this school-talking. I'm gonna watch some more Skins now (nearly done with the 3rd Season!), eat ice cream and hide the voice in my head that's shouting "STUDY!!" Haha, have a nice sunday evening, sweeties xo

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