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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Found it on Steffi's blog.


Monday, 30 May 2011

bought it off Jenny - for 5€
H&M - 20€ (it's more bubblegum-pink than it looks like here)
also bought these off Jenny - 4€
Jil decided to look at the children's departement in ZARA and I found these loovely shorts, which actually fit me, hehe! I saved like 10€ because the kids stuff is much less expensive. Gonna take off that bow thingie, though - 17€
finally bought the perfume I discovered some time ago, it smells soo nice and was only 10€! (!!)
transparent tights from H&M - 5€, cheap chewing gum - 1€ and silver nailpolish - 1,50€, both from HEMA

So here's what  bought, I'm so happy to finally have bought colourful clothes!


Blogger somehow messed up the order of the pics..

I'm finally back home and I had a such a nice day! I met up with Jil at half past 12, then we had delicious lunch and went through shops. And eventhough I really didn't want to buy anything, I spent nearly 50€, oops! But I really don't regret a thing I bought, gonna show you pictures of my buys later. The rest of the afternoon we spent in the parc, lying around and trying to do die because of the heat, it was nearly 30°! I'm now gonna do my english essay and tidy my room, see you xo

sneak peek

Sneak peek of my outfit for today!

Hey guys! I scheduled this post, because I didn't know if I'll have time to update properly this morning, since I'm always in such a big rush when it comes to getting ready. Today I'm gonna take the bus to town and meet up with Jil, finally! We'll have lunch @Chi Chi's (mexican restaurant) and later walk around, talk, take pictures, maybe go through shops.. girls stuff, you know ;) I'm also gonna meet up with Jenny to buy two really nice things! Will post pictures of my day ASAP! Have a nice monday, xo


Sunday, 29 May 2011

Since I've lately seen, a few, nice blouses without sleeves in different shops, but didn't feel like spending 20/30€ for one, I looked through my wardrobe and picked one of my white blouses and cut the sleeves off. I pinned some of the fabric under the arms together, but I think I'm gonna fix that properly by sewing! Do you like the result?

turquoise (this should've gotten posted this morning, sorry!)

 shirt - my mum's, jeggings - dr denim, bag - h&m, watch - swatch, sandals - newlook

Good morning! I'm gonna spend my sunday with the whole family, having one of those hour long lunches, but I don't think it'll be too boring, since my cousins are coming. This is my outfit from yesterday, when I went to Echternach with Victoria. I had an ice coffee @Veneziano with her and I bought some useful stuff like shoe pads (or however you call them) for high heels and a mascara, nothing really worth taking pictures of anyways. I'm hopefully gonna post again tonight, have a nice sunday ! xo


Saturday, 28 May 2011

I just made this to do list, and wow, I have so much to do! Luckily, there are also lots of fun things, as you can see. Let's see if I can accomplish everything until the end of the holidays! I'm going to Echternach with Victoria this afternoon, so I guess I can already draw a little cross in that box:)

Mini Photobomb

 mummy's tuna salad - deliciouuus!
 the Cosmopolitan I'm currently reading & my wedges, getting stretched
 wednesday nigth: skins, private practice and pizza!
I coulnd't resist taking a picture, it looks so.. cheesy:D haha
I personally prefer this one to Judas

Freaky Friday

 We had deliiiiiicious lunch @Pizza Hut

 Victoria & me getting ready for our night out!
 My shoes♥
My make-up.

Hello world! I had a nice friday afternoon, with delicious lunch, some nice girl-time and a short nap, heheh. In the evening we ate at McDonalds and then went to a small bar where we met tons of people. My night out was a little different from the last ones, but really nice! I'm preparing more posts for today - I now am gonna hit the shower, oh, no.. the shower's broken, so the bath tub, yaay. And then tidy my room, see you around! xo

light pink

Friday, 27 May 2011

This is what I wore today - I'm off to town, have a nice friday night, I sure will! xo

EDIT: I got a request on writing down where my clothes are from, so: jeans & black top - zara, transparent shirt - new look, bag & cardigan - h&m, shoes - chinese shop.

Cute Randomness

Thursday, 26 May 2011

That's what I'll be living of for two weeks in exactly 52 days !
I've been thinking of buying Espadrilles for a while now.. I still can't make up my mind. What do you think about them?
I still want longer haaaair.. that I'd actually be able to make a proper braid out of it!
Why does this remind me of Pretty Little Liars so much..? Ohhh, and by the way, the new season's starting the 14th of June :D!
And swallows are still such pretty tattoo motives!
When I saw the name of that shoe, it immediately made me think of this video Victoria once showed me:
Hahaha, loove it!
all pictures are from weheartit.
Hi, folks! I'm sorry that I didn't update yesterday, but I really didn't have anything to show or tell you! I had my swimming test yesterday and got an 8 (:D) and after school Sarah and I ate @my granny's place and later went looking for shoes for Sarah. Unfortunately, we didn't find any.. Today was, just as every thursday, the most exhausting day of the week, so I'm really glad it's over! Since our holidays start tomorrow after school, and the seventh grade (those who have their finals coming up) are going to party their last free study-free days and throw flour and eggs at us (yay!), I already finish school at 12:15 instead of 14:50, which is suuuper nice! I'll spend some time with friends and get home in the afternoon. Then I'll get ready and leave for tow with Victoria, to party a little! In other words: I'm not quite sure if I'll be able to update tomorrow!
Anyways, I'll spend my thursday evening with GNTM, red bull, nailpolish and getting used to my new wedges (they're the highest heels I've owned so far, heh), have a nice evening! xo


Tuesday, 24 May 2011

These beauties arrived today and I just can't stop staring at the wedges. I ordered them a week ago, thinking that I really need a nice pair of wedges and some new sandals and they're soo pretty! I can't wait to wear my new loves! Both pairs are by Newlook, by the way ;) Do you like them?


Today I finally had the courage to wear my rather "tough" boots together with shorts and bare legs - and got quite a few compliments on the look, so I guess I'll wear my boots more with bare legs, I already see them working with flowery skirts, mhhm! I can't stay online for too long, 'cause I need to do some super boring research on a weird writer for german (can you see how much I'm looking forward to it?), but I'm preparing another post for today right now - I bought two niiice things, so don't miss the next post. Hasta luego, xo


Monday, 23 May 2011

I got bored so I started to draw a few outfits I wanna wear the next few days. Do you like the drawings/outfits?