you make me wanna die but that's okay cause i'd die for you, my love

Monday, 4 April 2011

I don't have anything special or interesting to write about so I thought I might just throw in a bunch of pictures I took yesterday and today. Should I make a music post again sometime soon?

 Our big tree at the end of our garden - how preeetty is this?!
 Ice cream ALWAYS helps when studying, it's like gasoline for my brain
 OKAY HOW EXCITING ARE MY OUTFITS? Yeah, I look a little emo here, tehee
 I finally managed to kind of tidy my make-up shelf/whateveryouwannacallit
 Me with glasses

My necklace I got like.. years ago.. back when I was small an innocent, haha. It's so effin' cute, with my zodiac sign as pendant, love it, totally need to wear this more!


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