rainy day

Saturday, 30 April 2011

 Since the weather the first few days wasn't the best, my family and I went to Kemer, a small town not far away from Kiris, where our hotel was. I was bored, so I took many, random pics!

 That's all Lokum!
 Yeah, I was kinda surprised that they have Burger King in Turkey :b

 And guess who this is :)
 The water was soo clear! You could see every single stone lying on the ground.
 Love this picture, somehow.

 Daddy using my camera.
My dad used to have such a car when he was younger. Have I ever mentioned that I find old cars so much cooler than all those new ones?
There were minarets everywhere! Doesn't matter in what city you were, they were spread all over Turkey!

When you are reading this, I'm probably either studying or unpacking. So I hope you enjoyed the post more than I do what I'm doing right now. School soon, damn.


  1. wow, deng fotoen sin wieklech deeck schein gin :) well och eng keier an d'türkei :)

  2. Yummm, I love Turkish food. Gosh, these posts are bringing back memories of my trip to Turkey. Gorgeous photos.



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