Friday, 15 April 2011

 There was this suupercute squirrel running the walls up and down next our house, I luckily had the chance to take a picture:D
 OKAY HOW FUCKING AWESOME ARE THESE? Yannic made those for maths, soooo cuute
 A & me
 I don't know if you can tell, but my lips are blue because of the blue, err, stuff on top of the cupcakes, hehe
 When studying, I tried out what I'd look like with a side-ponytail. I like it, not sure if I "dare" to wear it, though
 I only got a few more papers to sign and I have a fix summerjob for the upcoming summer!
 I need to finish this book for french over the holidays.. 130pages left.. yuck
Eye-drops. I think I have enough for the next few.. months, haha!


  1. These cupcakes looks so good, and they're really cute, haha. I think the side pony-tail looks great on you, please wear it out.


  2. The side pony-tale looks so pretty on you, you should definitely wear it! xo

  3. awesome cupcakes, nice pictures and you look really good with a side-ponytail!
    The last picture just reminded me that I should get some more eyedrops as well, hehe :D


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