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Friday, 15 April 2011

 bought these lovely flats off Vicky - for only 5€!
 both of the skirts were only 8€! The right one is kinda pastel green (the colours on the picture aren't really good) I love them to pieces and can't wait to wear them when it's warm enough to run around with bare legs (again)
this handcream smells so deliciouuus, I'm always about to eat it, haha!

Had a good last school day, with a shitty chemistrytest but sunny weather. I now officially am on two weeks of Easter Holidays! I really need this break and I'm looking forward to relaxing a bit.
And, eventhough most of them are minitests, I'm pretty satisfied with my marks; german minitest (which I really thought I fucked up soo badly) - 8, maths-surprise-minitest - 7, physics-surprise-minitest - 9 (:D why the hell don't they have physic2 courses in our school? arghh), english (big test) - 9&9.5

Enough for now, I already scheduled a big photobomb for later today and I'll try to take more pictures tonight when going out! Can't wait! Have a nice friday, xo


  1. Den blauen rock hab ich auch. (:
    Tip: du kannst sie auch mit strümpfen anziehen. Der blaue sieht besonders gut aus mit diesen schwarzen fast durchsichtigen!
    Gehen eure noten bis 10? Und 10 ist das beste?
    Ich liebe deinen blog! <3

  2. meiner ist aber grau, hehe:D aber ich zieh die auf jeden fall mal mit strümpfen an!:)
    jep, die gehn bis 10

    dankeschön! xo


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