love the way that your heart breaks

Sunday, 3 April 2011

I seriously feel like the world's worst blogger, but I simply don't have anything interesting to tell/show you! School's boring as usual and my weekends too, so I don't really do anything but laying around and being lazy, tehe. I wanted to do something yesterday but couldn't because of the timing, meh. So I spent my day "studying" german, running around in shorts (oui, oui, SHORTS!), eating french toast and drinking rasperry milkshake and cycling (10km, I'm gonna become a pro, duh!) Oh yeah, and the last two pictures: we had lunch with granny at a really old hotel and I found the stairs really cool, heh.

I'm now waiting for Jil to come online on skype and we'll do our english test for Cambridge, latero! xo


  1. mmmm the first pic, yummy!
    so cool

  2. The first picture looks so delicious!



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