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Monday, 4 April 2011

Pictures from mysevendaysaweek and kristianav.

Two really nice outfits I found on different blogs I follow. The first picture reminds me of my fake fur sleeveless jacket that's hanging in my closet and waiting to get worn. I really really love the combination with the white shirt - really basic, really easy-going and really nice! I definitely have to bring in my vest into some of my outfits sometime soon. And about the second picture: I've been craving khaki jeans/jeggings for ages now, I already tried on a nice pair at H&M like two months ago but they were too big. So I'm really hoping that I find really skinny ones somewhere in Luxembourg or - which would be perfect - that Dr Denim makes light jeggings for summer! I'm fantasizing about khaki, beige or maybe even white jeggings, ahh♥
If anybody knows where I can get such jeggins or jeans, let me know!


  1. looking for such jeggins/jeans aswell, I loooove them :)!

  2. Dr. Denim have made the "Kissy" jeggings in white as well, they just don't have them innExtrabold yet! :)

  3. I got a pair of white jeggings from Denim&Co. They're like suuuuper skinny:D


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