Friday, 29 April 2011

YES YES I'M BACK IN LUXEMBOURG! Ahh - it feels good to be back! My mood right now: tired, happy, full. When we arrived at our house, the garden looked like we would've been away for two months, not two weeks! Flowers eeeverywhere, love it! I can't be bothered to think of starting to unpack, so I'll just reblog half my dashboard on tumblr now, catch up with reading aaaall the blogs I couldn't read the last two weeks and watch Skins or DHW! But don't worry, I of course took looots of pictures - Over 100, so I think I'll show you them in different posts, if possible, spread over the weekend and maybe a few days after, since I don't think that I'll take many pictures the next few days. So stay tuned and I'll TTYL, sweeties! xo


  1. I really like these photos. :)

  2. uaaa i want to see all your photos ASAAAAP! x


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