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Friday, 29 April 2011

 Random picture taken during our holiday. It isn't spectacularly nice or beautiful, but I think it's very funny, when thinking back to the situation, hehe.

While editing the tons of pictures from Turkey, I tried to figure out the best way to show you the pictures without making photobombs of +20 pictures. I came up with an idea: Basically, we did two trips, which were both over a whole day, and we visited another, smaller town. Also, I took many funny, cool pictures and a few pictures of some of my outfits I wore. And then there is the rest of the pictures, which basically is a bit from everything. So I decided to do three posts showing pictures from either one of the trips or the day we visited the other town, then I'm gonna make one post with the funny pictures, one with the outfitpictures and last but not least a few Photobombs with mixed pictures, which I took now and then. Sooo: There are quite a few posts to expect! Hope everything'll work out as I want it to :D If so, then see you later, I'll prepare some posts now! xo

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  1. YES! WE R ALIVE hehe and u have an argetinian follower!! i love ur style and i take inspiration from ur blog so keep blogging. I want to see ur trip phtos.


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