rainy day

Saturday, 30 April 2011

 Since the weather the first few days wasn't the best, my family and I went to Kemer, a small town not far away from Kiris, where our hotel was. I was bored, so I took many, random pics!

 That's all Lokum!
 Yeah, I was kinda surprised that they have Burger King in Turkey :b

 And guess who this is :)
 The water was soo clear! You could see every single stone lying on the ground.
 Love this picture, somehow.

 Daddy using my camera.
My dad used to have such a car when he was younger. Have I ever mentioned that I find old cars so much cooler than all those new ones?
There were minarets everywhere! Doesn't matter in what city you were, they were spread all over Turkey!

When you are reading this, I'm probably either studying or unpacking. So I hope you enjoyed the post more than I do what I'm doing right now. School soon, damn.

Arrival and First Impressions

Oops, I forgot to write about this post, where I'll show some pictures of the flight and the very first things we did and impressions we had!

The views were soo beautiful!

 My brother wearing my glasses, hehe :D
 To get from the airport to our hotel, we still had to drive around an hour and a half. We had this small bus and were alone with the driver - our own, small private-bus, haha!
 After a well deserved, and tasty! meal, we of course immediately checked out the beach and tried the water temperature..
 .. which was cooold! hehehe


Friday, 29 April 2011

I was just wondering, but: ARE YOU ALIVE, DEAR READERS? I feel like you all are hiding under your bed sheets, not wanting to let me know you read and like what I write and post, snif snif :( Oh well, maybe others are just busy on their friday night.. sounds quite logical, yepiyep, okay.
So, I'm drinking Banana Milkshake and eating Strawberries and I was thinking of doing a nice, fresh Inspiration-likey post. Obviously, the picture above is taken by me, but the following ones are all from different tumblrs. To find the sources, check out my tumblr!
It feels like I haven't been to the cinema in ages! Mindnote: Go to the cinema soon!
In summer it's been two years since I've last been to Paris, naww! Totally need to go more there!
I've only seen a very few scenes of the wedding (oh poor William, luckily the ring decided to cooperate in the end), but Kate's dress! What can I say? When I saw it, all I could say was "oohh" and "aaahh" - it's so beautiful, every girl's dream, right? *sigh*
After hearing so many positive things about "The Notebook", and seeing this picture and getting told it's from that movie, I decided that I for sure need to watch it! I think I'm gonna download it sometime soon. Oh, I still haven't watched (500) Days of Summer - woops!

Explaining my Tactic

 Random picture taken during our holiday. It isn't spectacularly nice or beautiful, but I think it's very funny, when thinking back to the situation, hehe.

While editing the tons of pictures from Turkey, I tried to figure out the best way to show you the pictures without making photobombs of +20 pictures. I came up with an idea: Basically, we did two trips, which were both over a whole day, and we visited another, smaller town. Also, I took many funny, cool pictures and a few pictures of some of my outfits I wore. And then there is the rest of the pictures, which basically is a bit from everything. So I decided to do three posts showing pictures from either one of the trips or the day we visited the other town, then I'm gonna make one post with the funny pictures, one with the outfitpictures and last but not least a few Photobombs with mixed pictures, which I took now and then. Sooo: There are quite a few posts to expect! Hope everything'll work out as I want it to :D If so, then see you later, I'll prepare some posts now! xo


YES YES I'M BACK IN LUXEMBOURG! Ahh - it feels good to be back! My mood right now: tired, happy, full. When we arrived at our house, the garden looked like we would've been away for two months, not two weeks! Flowers eeeverywhere, love it! I can't be bothered to think of starting to unpack, so I'll just reblog half my dashboard on tumblr now, catch up with reading aaaall the blogs I couldn't read the last two weeks and watch Skins or DHW! But don't worry, I of course took looots of pictures - Over 100, so I think I'll show you them in different posts, if possible, spread over the weekend and maybe a few days after, since I don't think that I'll take many pictures the next few days. So stay tuned and I'll TTYL, sweeties! xo


Sunday, 24 April 2011

Resuming my last three days: amazing weather, beautiful towns, nice boat trip, tasty food, swimming, reading and tanning all day long. Short: I'm enjoying my holidays! xo 


Thursday, 21 April 2011

So after the many, cute comments saying that you do want me to update while I'm still here, I decided to update from time to time!
Right now I'm sitting in a nice café at Kemer, drinkig fresh pressed orange juice and enjoying the free internet - aahh.
Tomorrow we're gonna borrow a car and drive to other places, visit old towns, watch waterfalls (I think, heh) and so on, so I don't think I'll update tomorrow.

PS: Do you have any suggestions when it comes to apps? Usual stuff but also games! If so, let me know, xo

Baby youre a Firework

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Yes, I have internet!
I thought I might step by and let you know that I'm alive! The weather's been good the last two days, but it's raining today, which means that we're spending our day playing pool, cards, reading and drinking tea. Right now we're relaxing at the cozy bar and I wanted to ask you if you'd like me to update from time to time while I'm still in Turkey? I'm updating from my phone, so I can't show you pictures taken with my camera, but I can upload pics from my phone. So, updates by phone: yes or no?

Goodbye my loves

Sunday, 17 April 2011


That basically is all I did today!
I'm gonna have to get up at 4AM tomorrow - we're catching our flight at 5.15AM, yuck. So I wish you all a very nice holiday (or if you're not on holidays, a good week!) and I promise that if I'll have the possibility to update (what I really don't think..), I will. Anyways, if I find out that we'll have Wifi at the hotel, at a bar, at a reastaurant, I will for sure update my twitter. So if you're not following me yet, follow me here! That's all I have to say, so I hope to see you all again when I'm back from Turkey and feel free to leave comments below or questions/comments on my formspring! I love you all, guys! xo


 I'm like taking.. 5 skirts with me, haha
 Starting from top: Fear Street - Horrorbook with two stories in it, The shopping princesses - I already read the first book of the same autor and am so curious about this one! Un secret - my french book, meh. "Pudge kisses" - my mum read it and said it was really good, so I'll maybe take a look at it, VDM - the french version of FML!
So this is what I'm planning on taking with me on holidays. The only thing I'm having a little trouble with is selecting the shoes I wanna take with me. I'm going to wear one of the six pairs for the flight but don't feel like I could leave any of the other five pairs here, hum ): I also need to choose what nailpolishes, make-up and jewellery I'm packing, tough job!