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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

 Okay this picture is kind of not-so-good; 1) my brother's shadow's "on me", 2) I look really retarted because of the sun. Excuse: I.. yeah.
 Random pictures of me "studying" spanish. No but seriously, I'm able to use verbs in around 6 tenses now, yoo!
I found this totally cool effect on my camera some time ago (yeah, call me slow) where the pictures get black and white and kind of sandy/retro. Really like it!

I had a pretty good/chill week until now, including chemistry free (:D!!!) and english free, lots of time spent outside, lying in the sun and getting freckles (finally:D) and feeling happy. I'm sorry for my bad update but I prefer spending more time with friends than the internet right now and I'm not very inspired when it comes to dress for school; I usually just pull something simple out of my closet, combine it with jeggings, roll these up a bit and slip into a random pair of flats. I'm now gonna head to V's place to watch two episodes of Grey's Anatomy and gossip, heh. Feel free to spam me here! xo

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