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Saturday, 26 March 2011

cropped top - h&m divided, tanktop - new yorker, jeggings - dr denim, oxfords - cheap chinese shop

This is what I'm wearing right now! I had a really great night and I promise to post more as soon as I'm back from Echternach! Now: Ice Cream and I'll try to convince my mum to buy strawberries or raspberries to make milkshakes later:D See ya xo


  1. beautiful outfit :) i was just wondering what kind of socks do you wear to this kind of shoes if you wear any ;) xo

  2. oh I'm in love with your shoes

  3. @anon:
    thanks:) well today i didn't wear any cause all my socks which i could wear in those shoes are ripped and stuff, but i usually simply buy really cheap, kinda transparent socks xo

  4. This is great, I love your shoes!



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