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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

WNHJNSPDKEOPFLAS! (I don't know how to start, haha)
I don't have much to tell - here's my today's outfit which I quite liked + it was superduper comfortable. It was something between 15 and 18°C today which is AWESOME and we spent our break sunbathing and I already have some more freckles now than this morning! All in all; I had a pretty good day but it wasn't really special, heh. Now: shower, read +50pages for english (woohooo x 3000) and off to V's place! Adios amigos xo

PS: Yes, I did notice all the comments I got, containing your blog links and yes, I will check every single one out as soon as I have time - pinky promise!


  1. i like ur jacket and leggins :D
    so cute

  2. simple.... but very girly! I like it! :)))

  3. I love your hair and outfit! xx

  4. can you tell us how did you do your hair in these pictures?


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