casual thursday

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

 Both of the cakes are hand-made, how awesome is this? And the second one has been baked by a boy - yes, our boys cook and bake! Haha:D
 Lena and me, hohoho
The boys - sunbathing ;)

Goooood morning! When you are reading this, I'm sitting in maths class, hehe. I finally decided to show you the pictures of last thursday, when we ate cake during maths and did nothing but lying in the sun during two hours of lunch break, haha! I don't have a lot to say, I only wish you a good thurday and I'll may post again tonight! xo

Oh and ever since I discovered this song on her blog, it's on non-stop repeat - love it!


  1. how can you be in math class when its 21? :d

  2. Those cakes look so good. Yum.



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