Black and White

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Love this outfit, gonna wear it some day this week, I think. +it's also wearable in Summer, without tights and (maybe) overknees. What do you think, like/dislike? xo


  1. You can't really see it so well in the photos. but i would say yes.

  2. Thanks :b haha didn't expect that comment but fun to hear.

    And definitely like for the outfit -I'm a big fan of knee-high and thigh-high socks! ^^

  3. Your hair looks so nice, healthy and long(!)!

  4. Your hair looks so nice, healthy and long(!)!

  5. I like the outfit!
    I have a question by the way.- What template/design do you use for your blog? I'd like a simple white background with black post titles, but I can only find white background with blue post titles (I've looked for mooonths!)...
    how did you make it like yours? :D

  6. I think the shoes are not right, mayber too sportive but the rest of the outfit looks nice :)


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