Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Happy first of march! Yeah, I'm in a really good mood - why? Because I got an 8.5 in my physicstest, wooah! *doingahappydance* Okay, why again didn't I choose physics for the next year? Hahaha.
Uhm, I don't really have a lot to say. Tomorrow I'll have four hours of school, then do my germanpresentation with C and S @C's place, bake, come home aaand watch DHW!

Now: Lasagna, Red Bull, Sweatpants and PLL, ♥


  1. Love this outfit!
    Beautiful earrings, xx

  2. wow you look gorgeous :)<3

  3. nice outifit (: do you know if there is a second season of pretty little liars?


  4. haha happy dance! love it!
    and err can we swap legs? coz yours are so long and amazing!
    love the outfit too dolly

  5. It's a super easy cake to make.. dunno what it's called but it's pretty much just cookies/biscuits and chocolate :b

    And waterfall is easy to learn but hard to explain shortly in a comment.
    Basically you have a deck of cards and each card has a certain meaning (eg. drink x sips, invent a new rule, empty glass, etc...)
    You should try it! :D ask any danish person about the rules haha ^^

  6. i love the colours in the pics it looks so nice :) XO


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