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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

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 Eyelash Curler - for only 3€!
 Lip balm (kinda white/nude) from H&M and Labello.
 Grey tights from H&M.
Black, cropped top from H&M.

A few things I bought today! Really basic but well needed, probably gonna wear the shirt and tights tomorrow ;) I also went to Sephora and tried the new perfume from Dior (you know, the one from the spot with the beautiful Natalie Portman) and it was sooo nice but the small one (50ml) cost 74€, mehh :( Does anyone know where I might could get it a little cheaper?

You're not as brave as you were at the start

 Okay this picture is kind of not-so-good; 1) my brother's shadow's "on me", 2) I look really retarted because of the sun. Excuse: I.. yeah.
 Random pictures of me "studying" spanish. No but seriously, I'm able to use verbs in around 6 tenses now, yoo!
I found this totally cool effect on my camera some time ago (yeah, call me slow) where the pictures get black and white and kind of sandy/retro. Really like it!

I had a pretty good/chill week until now, including chemistry free (:D!!!) and english free, lots of time spent outside, lying in the sun and getting freckles (finally:D) and feeling happy. I'm sorry for my bad update but I prefer spending more time with friends than the internet right now and I'm not very inspired when it comes to dress for school; I usually just pull something simple out of my closet, combine it with jeggings, roll these up a bit and slip into a random pair of flats. I'm now gonna head to V's place to watch two episodes of Grey's Anatomy and gossip, heh. Feel free to spam me here! xo

casual thursday

 Both of the cakes are hand-made, how awesome is this? And the second one has been baked by a boy - yes, our boys cook and bake! Haha:D
 Lena and me, hohoho
The boys - sunbathing ;)

Goooood morning! When you are reading this, I'm sitting in maths class, hehe. I finally decided to show you the pictures of last thursday, when we ate cake during maths and did nothing but lying in the sun during two hours of lunch break, haha! I don't have a lot to say, I only wish you a good thurday and I'll may post again tonight! xo

Oh and ever since I discovered this song on her blog, it's on non-stop repeat - love it!

oh happy sunday

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Drinking a rasperry-banana smoothie, wearing shorts, loving my new nailpolish and watching Skins - ahhh life's good !

I'm Scared

My thursday's outfit.

I thought I might quickly step by and wish you a good sunday morning! I really need to tidy my room and start my french essay, so I better go now and get started. I'll be back later! xo

Start the Car and take me home

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Pictures from last night. As I already said, I had a really good time!
My motivation right now is -5 and the laptop is so incredibly slow, it makes me wanna throw it out of the window, argh. I think I'll update my tumblr and watch some skins (haven't watched any for like.. 3weeks? holy canoly!), ciao ciao xo

oh baby, baby it's a wild world

A few things I got frpm Echternach! I'm right now editing the pictures from last night and thursday and will post them later. I personally find my posting a little lame and boring, so I'd like to ask you What do you want to see more on my blog? I know, I know, most of you probably are too lazy to think of anything, but if you'd have some suggestions, they're absolutely welcome! xo

Pinky Promises are some serious business

cropped top - h&m divided, tanktop - new yorker, jeggings - dr denim, oxfords - cheap chinese shop

This is what I'm wearing right now! I had a really great night and I promise to post more as soon as I'm back from Echternach! Now: Ice Cream and I'll try to convince my mum to buy strawberries or raspberries to make milkshakes later:D See ya xo

Song(s) of the Week

Thursday, 24 March 2011

 Apparently Photoscape won't let me open it and edit my pictures, so I guess I'll simply spam you with some earcandy.
Nothing much more to say, enjoy!

Heart - The Pretty Reckless

Californian King Bed - Rihanna

Complicated - Rihanna

Ribbons - Lady Gaga

I need a doctor - Eminem feat. Dr Dre


Wednesday, 23 March 2011

What do you think?

PS: I saw those cute sandals @H&M today but didn't have enough money with me, ugh! 

Let down your hair

To conclude my wednesday: chilled day at school, lunch with Zora @McDonald's, bought a bikinitop and bottom (we'll start swimming in school in two weeks and I needed seomthing nice which would stay in place, if you know what I mean;)) and a total failure when trying to take an outfitpicture. And yes, I'm in a good mood! Now: joggings, tumblr, chinese noodles, tiramisu, dr pepper and desperate housewives season final, me likey! xo


Tuesday, 22 March 2011

I feel kinda guilty for my bad/poor update, especially during schoolweeks, so I'm trying to at least update my tumblr more. For lots of pretty pictures, funny quotes and cool gifs, check out my tumblr and maybe even follow!
I'll curl up in my bed now and sleep, good night, sweeties xo


I don't really have a lot to say;
1) today's Pretty Little Liars' final episode of the first season ! (!!!!!)
2) enjoy your tuesday evening!

sorry for this superlame update, hehe xo


Sunday, 20 March 2011

I basically swapped my bed aganist my desk, moved my lower shelf into a corner behind my bed, fixed the mirror on top of it and arranged my long shelf to be in the middle of the room. I always kind of wanted to split my room using a shelf or something similar and I'm pretty with this result because I have a working-space and a chilling-space and in the middle of it all my beloved bed! I personally think that it's really hard to show a whole room in pictures, but I did my very best!

I'm off to V's place, xo 

can you whisper?

I did 8km of cycling, just finished lunch and could seriously lay down and sleep. But I'll force myself to do homework, bleh. I think I'm gonna take pictures of my re-arranged room afterwards and post them, so stay tuned and hasta luego! xo

hahahahahahahabananahahahahaha - can you find the hidden banana?

Saturday, 19 March 2011

My hair's luckily only 2cm shorter, ouff! I'm off to have dinner with granny, motivation: 0, meh.