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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

 Lunch was delicous, I love Pasta forever and ever and ever..

 I've been struggling about whether to buy the white or the brown featherearrings for a few days now and ended up buying the white ones. I'm in love!
 Already saw this supercute necklace yesterday but didn't have enough money to buy it.. well it's mine now
 Omnomnom cake!
 Got these two books, reaally scary ones and one book contains two stories.. so I have four wonderfully horrible stories to read, can't wait!
And got this tea for free. I think I'm gonna try it tonight.

There's nothing much more to say, the pictures say pretty everything. xo


  1. Wo hast du die süße Kette gekauft? (:


  2. ah my god i need that cupcake necklace! :D where is it from??

  3. ej well dei och du dooooooft :P
    hoffen zu koeln get et claire's hahah <3

  4. i love the Cupcake necklace its so cute^^


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